Location: Les Frasses

Access: road signing between Aime-la-Plagne and Bellentre (intersection N90)

Map: Les Frasses, 1/10 000, ISOM IOF; 1/7500 for small circuits
        mapmaker: Matthieu Barthélémy Cartomatt, 2021

Terrain: mountain forest (larch) between 1700 and 2000 m above sea leveland, with some trails and wetlands (prohibited areas)

Punching system: SPORTident

Time schedule: 1st start at 14h

General information:
planner: Michel Denaix
Controller: Olivier Estela
representative: Hervé Bodelet
referee: Laurent Compere        

Races: (table of distances to come)
- licensed FFCO, unlicensed french federation timed and classified (Pass'Compet*)  : DH65, DH55, DH45, DH35, DH21, DH20, DH16, DH12, Open Violet (2 runners), Open Orange, Open Jaune, Open Vert
- unlicensed not timed (Pass'Découverte or Pass'Famille) : individuel races Open Bleu, Open Vert

*compulsory medical certificate

Parking, Arena: BE CAREFUL, the arena is at 3 km from the parking

Services: toilets