The Comité de Course d'Orientation de la Savoie, the municipality of La Plagne-Tarentaise and the ski resort La Plagne-Paradiski

are pleased to welcome you for the 4 days of the French Championship 2021




Following the latest governmental announcements, we are obliged to implement
the control of the SANITARY PASS (QR-code 2D-DOC or DCC).

The Sanitary pass will be required at the reception to collect your bib for the 4 days . Access to the starting lockers will only be allowed to runners with their bib.

All details and modalities
on the page Practical information/Sanitary pass

 Where to get tested in La Plagne?

27 juillet
July 27 - CFMD quarantine: for HD21, it is compulsory to go through the quarantine. The entry is between 8.50 and 9.15 am, the control of the numbers is done at the exit of the quarantine (opening of the ski lift at 9 am). The moment of exit from the quarantine is the sole responsibility of the runner. The quarantine is in a large room and outside. Your belongings can stay in the quarantine. In case of bad weather (cold, rain), clothes can be left at the start; they will be regularly brought back down. There is a hundred meters between the quarantine and the bottom of the gondola (where the ticket will be given), then 12-15 min of ascent, then 500 m downhill from the top of the gondola to the start. It is on this part that the Warm Up is located.

July 24 -
Start time on line
July 21 - Clarifications on the Sanitary Pass following numerous questions:
(1) The validation of the sanitary pass is for the 4 days,
(2) For those who will validate their sanitary pass on site at the reception, it is not imposed that only one representative per club gathers all the documents; you will also be able to pass individually. However, in order to avoid long waiting times (opening hours have been brought forward) and regrouping, please use the secure online submission platform as much as possible,
(3) Antigenic and PCR tests less than 48 hours old will be well accepted.
(4) Certificates from foreign countries will of course be accepted.
July 20We are obliged to implement the Sanitary Pass control (see above).
July 20 - Due to the presence of live TV, to ensure fairness, we have to set up a quarantine for the A and B circuits. Due to the fact that the circuits are open to all runners without qualification this year, the number of runners concerned is very high and requires us to keep the runners in quarantine from 9.15am until the last start (around 2pm).
July 20 - Collection of club envelopes: In addition to the opening hours of the reception on the arenas, envelopes can also be collected on Wednesday 28 July from 6pm to 9pm at the Arnica chalet, hameau les Roches, La Plagne Tarentaise (bottom of the Olympic bobsleigh track, FFCO signposting).
July 19 - Due to the large number of registrations for the Violet Court of the MD Macôt on Friday 30 July, the circuit is split into Women and Men.
July 19 - Any runner registered without a SI number will be assigned a rental SI
July 15 - Last day to register!
July-4 - In order to make the most of the technical terrain, the Long Distance map will be 1:10,000 (validated by the FFCO and IOF).
June-16- The provisional tables of distances are published (exept relay).
June-14- Restricted area and accomodation: it is authorized to lodge in the restricted zone, as long as you stay within the limits of urban zones.
may-27- A training will be set up on the map of the French Relay Championship once it is finished. See information on the 30 July MD page.
May-16- Registration is OPEN! Do not wait to register, it will help us to work on your welcome, but you can wait for the formalization of deconfinement and its terms to proceed with the settlement.

May-03- Following the cancellation of the French Championships, and on the proposal of the FFCO, the Les Frasses relay on July 29 becomes the 2021 French Category Relay Championship. Still with circuits for everyone!

Apr-30- Following the cancellation of the French Championships, and on the proposal of the FFCO, the National Middle Distance on Auguste 1st becomes the 2021 French Middle Distance. Still with circuits for everyone!
Apr-22- New race on the program: Thursday July 29: relay on the Frasses site (details to come). 4 races, 4 days, 4 new maps!
Mar-10- Opening of registration : we are waiting for more visibility about authorisation for CO events in France. We will inform you at lest at the biginning of May

Feb-21- At the request of the La Plagne resort, in order to ensure the presence of all outdoor sports activities, and to optimize the races, the days of the Middle and the Long are reversed (Long on Saturday afternoon, and Middle on Sunday).

Jan-24- Modification: 2 WRE races on the program : Middle at Montchavin les Coches and Long at La Plagne Station.

Nov-24- The website of the National of La Plagne Tarentaise 2021 is open, here we go again !

Apr-16- Report of the National of La Plagne Tarentaise in 2021